Spanish Language classes in Lucknow

Spanish Language Classes in Lucknow

The Spanish Alphabets

  a       ah      always produces the a sound in “father”

  b       bay

  c       say                k sound before a, o, u; s sound before e, i

  ch     chay              considered one letter

  d       day

  e       ay                  (long a) always produces the long a sound

  f        ay-fay

  g        hay                  g sound (as in “go”) before a, o, u; h sound before e, i

  h        ah-chay

  i        ee                     (long e) always produces the long e sound

  j        hota                  always produces the h sound

  k       kah                    not used in true Spanish words (see the letter c above)

  l        ay-lay

  ll       ay-yay; ay-jay    y in Latin America; j in Spain

  m      ay-may

  n       ay-nay

  ñ       ayn-yay              produces the ny sound (as in “canyon”)

  o       oh                      always produces the long o sound

  p       pay

  q       coo

  r        ayr-ray              the r you don’t trill

  rr       ayrrrr-rrrray       the r you do trill

  s        ay-say

  t        tay

  u       ooh                    always produces the long u sound

  v       bay                     pronounced identically to b (as in “baby”)

  w      doblay-bay        not used (oe produces the w sound)

  x       ay-kees

  y       ee gree-ay-gah

  z       say-tah               pronounced identically to s (as in “sin”)