French Language Classes in Lucknow

French Language Classes in Lucknow

SPEAK naturally with realistic dialogues
using everyday language.

PRACTICE with clear grammar explanations and
plenty of exercises.

DISCOVER more than language with cultural
highlights on society and lifestyle.

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French Greetings
French Greetings 2

Okay, let’s put everything you’ve learned so far together in a short comprehension exercise.


English first, and then the French, which you should repeat for practice.


Hello, ma’am, how are you?                                  Bonjour, madame, comment allez- vous?

Not bad, thank you.                                                 Pas mal, merci.

My name’s François.                                                Je m’appelle François.

Let me introduce my wife, Marguerite.                Je vous présente ma femme, Marguerite.

Pleased to meet you.                                                Enchantée.

What’s your name?                                                   Comment vous appelez- vous?

My name is Mrs. Beaulieu.                                      Je m’appelle Mme. Beaulieu.

Let me introduce my husband, Mr. Albert.          Je vous présente mon mari, M. Albert Beaulieu.